Main Characters:

Elizabeth "Eliza" Alice Rose Swan was born in Los Angeles, CA and lived there until her grandmother's and stepgrandfather's death when she moved to Malibu, CA. She is daughter of Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan. She was raised by her mother and her godmother, Angela. She is smart and dreams to become a doctor. Having inherited her father's athletic ability, she was a talented gymnast until an accident caused her to lose confidence in her ability. She is now a varsity cheerleader at her high school. She doesn't believe you can find true love in high school and if you do you only get hurt. Then her mother decides to move to Seattle, WA for a year and being so close to the place where her parents fell in love, she starts asking more questions about her father which leads to an unraveling she wasn't expecting.

Isabella "Bella" Marie Swan was born in the small town of Forks, WA, she was raised by her hopeless romantic mother and spent summers with her father Charlie. It is there that she meet the Cullen's and her two best friends Alice and Rosalie. During these summers is that Bella fell in love with her best friend Alice's brother Edward. It wasn't until high school, when Bella decided to leave he newlywed mother and movie in with Charlie, that Edward shows his feeling for her. After a misunderstanding during the summer before Bella joined Edward at Dartmouth the couple break up, Bella finds out she's pregnant in her freshmen year of college with Edward's baby. After Luke Spencer asks for her hand in marriage and to raise the child with her she decides to raise her baby alone with the help of her friend Angela and her mother Renee until a car crash takes her mother away from her. Renee and her husband Phil left Bella a large fortune to secure her and Eliza's future. Bella is now the owner of a very successful chain of bookstore/cafes. After years of happily raising Eliza by herself, her daughter starts to ask questions about her father while they live a year in Seattle and Bella realizes that lying by omission  wasn't the best thing to do.

Edward Cullen was born in the small town of Forks WA to Carslile and Esme Cullen. He has an older brother, Emmett, and a younger sister, Alice. It's thru Alice that he meets Bella Swan. He falls in love with her, but doesn't tell her until high school where they date for 4 years. He earned a baseball scholarship to Dartmouth and is ecstatic when Bella also gets a scholarship. He comes back to Forks after being a year away at college to help Bella move into the dorms at Dartmouth. It is at that time that a misunderstanding tears he and Bella apart. He goes back to Dartmouth heartbroken to finish his PreMed degree and go to medical school. He returns to Seattle to do his residency after a few years he reconnects with Tanya Denali and they start dating even though he never stopped loving Bella. Before announcing his engagement to Tanya he meets a teenager that he feels an amazing connection with, he then learns that this child is his daughter after she has an accident. He is then faced with the decision of admitting he loves the mother of his child and fight for her or marry a woman he doesn't love and accept the one he truly loves is marrying another.

Luke Spencer moved to Forks WA his sophomore year of high school where he caught Bella Swan from falling in the halls. He loved Bella from a far for the rest of high school. Since she was dating Edward, he never was able to date her, but he always waited for something to go wrong in their relationship. When he heard about what happened at the graduation party, he went to Bella's home to give her his support. That's where Bella's father had told his that she had already left for college. He left Forks to go to Stanford to get his PreLaw degree but never forgot Bella. After a few months he decided to look for her, he found out that she was going to UCLA and went to find her. That is where he found Bella pregnant with Edward Cullen's child. He asked her to marry him and told her he would raise the child as if were his, but she refused saying that his was her responsibility not his. He went back to school and got his Law degree from Stanford Law. Years later Luke sees Bella and her daughter again and he decides to get her back.

Nathan "Nate" Ryan Mayer was born to millionaire Matthew Mayer and his wife Cathy Mayer, they lived incredibly happy until his mother's death when he was 8. Now at 16 Nate looked like he had the perfect life, he was good looking, athletic, smart, and was next in line to take over his father's billion dollar publishing company, but it really was anything but. His father became obsessed with work and appearances since Nate's mother's death. Because of his latter obsession Nate is not able to peruse his love of photography. When he meets Eliza the first thing he notices is her pure beauty, he soon realizes thought that shes more than a pretty face. When they start to date he soon falls in love, but after the sandal of her being Edward Cullen child breaks open his father demands that he break up with her. Can he stand up to his father for the first time or let the love of his life go?  

The Cullens:

Esme Cullen is a great wife to Carslile Cullen, a loving mother to her 3 kids. She met Bella when she was a little girl and instantly thought of her as her own daughter. It hurt her deeply when Bella and Edward broke up. She is grandmother to Allison Cullen and unknowingly grandmother to Eliza Swan.  

Carslile Cullen is married to Esme Cullen, has 3 kids with her, Emmett, Edward and Alice, and two granddaughters Allison Cullen and Eliza Swan. He also loved Bella like a daughter and always thought she and Edward would end up together. He is Chief of Medicine at Seattle Hospital.

Alice Whitlock is married to Jasper Whitlock, is daughter of Esme and Carslile Cullen, and is the youngest of two brothers, Emmett and Edward. She and her lifelong friend Rosalie befriended Bella when she was 8 years old and has loved her as a sister since then. When Bella left she was heart broken and never got over losing her best friend. When her brother brought home Tanya, Alice immediately saw that she was the same bitchy girl from high school. She is now a famous fashion designer with several stores around the world.

Rosalie Cullen is married to Emmett Cullen and has a daughter named Allison Ella Cullen. She is best friends with Alice and Bella. When Bella left she was incredibly angry with Edward because she was certain he had something to do with Bella leaving. She doesn't like Tanya at all since high school.  She is a reporter for an important news station in Seattle and in talks for having her own show.

Emmett Cullen is Rosalie Cullen's husband and Allison Cullen's father. He is also the brother of Edward Cullen and Alice Whitlock. He is the big brother type, he is very protective and loyal to his family. He is incredibly playful with everyone. He loves Bella like a member of his family and never stopped thinking of her as a sister. 

Jasper Whitlock is married to Alice Whitlock and is a lawyer originally from Texas where his parents have been in the oil business for decades. Although he never met Bella he's heard a lot of amazing things about her and always wanted to meet her.

Allison Cullen was born to Emmett and Rosalie Cullen, she was the first known granddaughter of Esme and Carslile Cullen. She inherited her mother's blond hair and her father's blue eyes making her a beauty. She is second in command for her varsity cheer squad at Seattle Prep.

The Denalis:

Tanya Denali had it all in high school, the blond hair, the blue eyes, the perfect body, head cheerleader, and a fortune to pay for everything she wanted. But the thing Tanya wanted the most was Edward Cullen and she almost had him if wasn't for mousy Bella Swan. Tanya hated Bella so much that she was happy when she left and thought that her life was now perfect, until she found out she was pregnant. Because of this pregnancy she lost Edward Cullen and she loathed the thing that was growing inside her, her parents didn't allow her to get an abortion saying that this child was her responsibility. The father wasn't involved saying that the child could be anyone since Tanya had a reputation of being a slut. After the baby, Irina, was born she went back to her partying, carefree days. A 14years after her daughter was born, her father died and the great fortune of the Denalis slowly died with him. Around the same time Edward came back into her life, with the help of her greedy mother she captured Edward Cullen, in front of him she was a caring, sweet mother to Irina. Because of her plan within a year Edward had proposed, the Cullen fortune was so close she could feel the money in her hands. Everything was going perfectly until Bella Swan appeared bring with her the one thing that could separate Edward's money and love from her.

Irina Denali was raise by nannies while her neglecting mother pretended she didn't exist. Irina never knew her father and as a girl she imagined him coming and giving her all the love her mother didn't. Her mother's non loving nature made her mean and catty. Her mother used her to get Edward Cullen, a man she felt was too good for her mother. When Eliza Swan came to Seattle Prep, Irina was green with envy when she saw Eliza tumbling effortlessly when she couldn't. She became even more envious when she saw that Eliza's mother, like hers, had her at a young age, but still treated her lovingly. Nothing will stop her from making Eliza's life a living hell.

Minor Characters:

Matthew Mayer built his publishing company from the ground up. At the age of twenty five married the love of his life Cathy and a few years later they had a son named Nathan. By the time Nathan was 3, the Mayer name was known worldwide and he had made his first billion. When Nate was 8 tragedy struck, Cathy died from cancer. From that day, he worked nonstop and made this son picture perfect, so when Nate starts to rebel against everything he blames Eliza, saying that the scandal of her being a love child between Edward Cullen and Isabella Swan made her a bad influence. He gives Nate an ultimatum, is he doesn't break up with Eliza he wouldn't receive a cent of his trust fund.

Elena Denali was married to Jonathan Denali until he died 2 years ago from a heart attack. Elena had always been greedy, so when she saw that the money her husband had left her was almost gone she began to help her daughter attract one of the richest men in Seattle, Edward Cullen.

Elizabeth Masen-Cullen was married to Edward Cullen Sr until he died 20 years ago. She is Nana Liz to all her grandchildren and great grandchildren. She is incredibly protective of her families and cherishes their past.

Charlie Swan is Bella's father and Eliza's grandfather. He was married to Renee Higginbotham until they got divorced when Bella was 1. He is a very quite man who doesn't express his feelings in words, but loves his daughter and granddaughter dearly. He is Chief of Police of Forks WA.

Renee Dwyer was Bella's mother and Eliza's grandmother. She used to be married with Charlie Swan and later married Phil Dwyer. She was an author of cheesy romantic novels, that she made a fortune out of. She loved her granddaughter which she called Lamb and her daughter with all her heart. She died in a fatal car crash along with her husband.

Phil Dwyer was married to Renee and thought of Bella as his daughter and Eliza as his granddaughter. He was a successful sports manager. After he died in a car crash, he left his fortune to Bella and Eliza.

Carina Bazan met Eliza Swan when they where 4 years old at a "Tumbling For Tots" event, where Mackenzie Ellis made fun of Carina for not being able to do a cartwheel and Eliza pulled Mackenzie's hair for making fun of her. When Carina sat down in the corner with Eliza after the teacher had put Eliza in time out, they knew they would always be best friends. Her parents are Antonio and Lucianna Bazan. Emiliano is a college professor and Lucianna is a dance teacher and owner of her own studio. Carina is a talented dancer and has received many awards for her talent.

Natalie Cardenas has always lived in Seattle with her mother and farther, both teachers, in a middle class neighborhood. After getting a scholarship for her academic accomplishments, she is thrown into the world of Chanel, Dior, Audi, and BMW in which Seattle Prep lives in. She believes that all rich kids are snobby and spoiled until she meets Eliza Swan. Will she look past those stereotypes and consider Eliza as a friend or will she put her in the same place she puts the rest of them.

Angela Weber was a shy girl from Forks WA. She was best friends with Bella Swan and when Bella told her she was pregnant Angela helped her raise Eliza. She became Eliza's godmother and she loves her like her own daughter.

Luciana Bazan is mother of Carina Bazan and her two twins, Christian and Sebastian. She studied ballet in the School of American Ballet since the age of 6, she became part of the American Ballet Theater's Corps de ballet at the age of 16 and a principal dancer at the age of 17. After 4 years of being a principal dancer she retired and studied Business at NYU where she met her husband, Emiliano. They married after dating for 3 years and moved to Malibu to have children. 

Emiliano Bazan is father of Carina Bazan and his two twins, Christian and Sebastian. He got his Bachelors in Engineering at NYU, where he met Luciana Hernandez. They dated for 3 years and then married. They moved to Malibu and Emiliano got his Masters and Doctored at UCLA, where he now teaches engineering.

Anthony Luca was boyfriend to Carina for 4 months until he was caught cheating on Carina with her cousin, Cynthia. Carina had thought he was the One.

Blake Scott was Eliza's boyfriend for a few months in freshmen year. He was an amazing swimmer for a local gym with plans of going to the Olympics, a dream he though they both shared. When she quit gymnastics he though it wasn't a long term thing, but when the decision seems permanent they break up. Since there wasn't much love in the relationship on Eliza's end the break up was painless. After she leaves to Seattle, he begins to realize that he wants her back.

William Carmichael is Carina's current boyfriend. They started dating a few weeks after Anthony and Carina's break up and all signs point towards a long rerelationship. He is a piano player
 in Luciana's ballet studio and dreams of being a lyricist, composer and playwright on Broadway. 

Sebastian and Christian Bazan are identical twins to Luciana and Emiliano Bazan and brothers to Carina Bazan. They are both trouble making and love to mess with their sister and her best friend, Eliza.

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